Town to consider new billboard ordinance

Hi Guys,

I’m here in New Jersey and would like to flip billboard permits and I have two questions.

The Situation: My town is considering allowing billboards along a 7 mile stretch of a major highway (interstate 95) that runs through the town. The deal allows one board in exchange for the removal of two billboards that are closer to residential areas. A common practice to improve aesthetics in the town. I don’t own any existing billboards. One major company does however.

Question#1 Do you think I have any chance on grabbing a few permits to flip in this market or since this ordinance only pertains to those companies with existing billboards I am shut out of the market.

Question #2 If it does only apply to existing companies with existing boards then isn’t this an unfair advantage and monopolistic? Shouldn’t new competition be allowed in the market?

If the only space available would be for existing companies to grap then that seems unconstitutional, an antitrust issue.