Traffic count mechanism for sale

Frank or anyone with info on where can one purchase a traffic count system coz wr i live da info is way outdated or they dont have any suggestions are welcome

I think your local DOT Hwy Div Office should be able to supply you with these numbers, that is where I obtained my count.

Are you talking about buying the actual counting machine? You can’t do your own count with that machine, by law, as you have to use the right-of-way to do it and you cannot legally use the right-of-way. You can do a very crude manual count from a parking lot. You go to the intersection with a counting device (the same one that museum guards use to count attendance that fits in your palm), and visually count all the cars for 10 minutes and then multiply it out. To make the count more accurate, go at rush hour, and then after rush hour and average them together.

Check with the city and state before you do this, as they often have more recent counts than their maps show.

Hey thanx you guys i’ll go try

For those who live in New York, if you go my website and click the services link, there’s a link that shows traffic count.