Trivision billboard

What’s your opinion of the trivision billboards and do you think they would work in a small town with 10K traffic count.

Trivision only works when you have a location that is so hot that everybody wants to be on there, and will pay nearly as much for a third of a billboard as they would for 100% of one. For example, if a billboard rents for $1,000 month as a “static” unit, then you need a location so hot that an advertiser will pay, say, $800 for one trivision face x 3 = $2,400 per month versus $1,000. Where you get in trouble is when you put a trivision on a billboard that is not very exciting, and you end up renting each trivision face for $400 x 3 = $1,200 versus $1,000. Remember, trivision costs extra to install the ads and in electricity – not to mention the upfront capital cost – so you need it to generate significantly more revenue, not just a little or no increase.

As far as 10,000 traffic in a small town – if the unit is a head-on, curve-iin-the-road visibility in a great location, it might work. But do some market research first and make sure the demand is there.

Rule of thumb:

If it pays for itself in 24 months its a good location; 18 months even better, 12 months or less its probably a great Trivison location. It should’t matter what the monthly rate is if you can pay it off in less than 24 months. The size of the sign will play into the calcualtion here. A 10 x 20 or 30 sheet size would play out rather good here if you can meet any of the times listed.

The traffic count would not concern me as much. Other good factors: Red light location is a yes and is it difficult to build anymore around you.

For the record I have been selling Trivisions since 1998 and when my customers follow this rule they usually start looking for the next location. I have a particular customer (small family owned) with over 20 units and all they do is red light locations and are over 90% occupied today.

Of course I would like to talk to you about your business… please reach out if you would like more info.

PS… Regardless of who you make the purchase from try pre-selling the ads before making the investment. If you can’t sell the location you won’t be happy and I won’t hear from you again… not my goal.

What is the cost to install tri vision on 12x24 I beam billboard?

One unit is about $16k plus shipping and installation. On a typical billboard we would supply all attachments. Ledgers only needed and ‘no’ additional steel is required. Check with your engineer to see if the currect structure will hold our unit.

We have the lightest units in industry with a 12 x 24 weighing about 1300 lbs. This includes the ledgers that we supply you and includes the prisms installed in the unit.

Can you email a picture of your structure to If you like I will email a quote with shipping to the site. Depending on the location I should be able to help you find an installer.

Check out a recent install in Branson, MO at YouTube? Cut and paste to your broswer… v=wJFFjA0lzWk&context=C41f1400ADvjVQa1PpcFO4EmTV9CX97ZlE0Q1NMId4ar-_GRdxgJk=

Thank you…