Types of Rental LED Screen Installation

The installation of rental LED screens should be easy and quick, as these displays may need to be transported to different locations after events. Typically, professional staff specializing in installation and daily maintenance will be available to assist you.

When installing the screen, please keep in mind the following aspects:

(1) Handle the cabinets with care to avoid any edge bumps that may result in issues such as LED lamp beads falling off.

(2) Do not install the LED cabinets while they are powered on.

(3) Before powering on the LED screen, use a multimeter to check the LED modules for any problems.

There are several common installation methods, including the hanging method and the stacked method.

The hanging method involves rigging the screen to an overhead truss system, a ceiling grid, a crane, or another support structure from above. On the other hand, the stacked method involves placing the weight of the screen on the ground, with multiple points of support to ensure stability and rigidity.

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