Vacant poles

Everywhere I go I’m always looking for places to place billboards, I have found some good places. I think it’s time to pull the trigger, and start, I have a lot of questions on permits, land leases, litigation of where and how I can put one up, and who I need to talk to etc. Do I start with the landowners? I have found polls, big metal poles that are empty, that a business at one point had their signs on them but now are out of business and another business opened but the poles are empty. They would need to add the face and the ladders to be used as Billbaords. Could I convert these poles to double sided billboards 14x48? Would I need to approach the land owners or go see if they can even be used for billboards, or even get permits for? How would I go about getting this process started? How do I even know if the federal government would allow me to revamp these poles/eyesores? Do I buy the polls from those landowners? Or lease them? These poles would need the face for the vinyl and ladders to be welded on? Any help would be great.

Can any one give advise on these poles? Where do I start?

Even though the poles are there does not mean that it is a legal site for a billboard. The poles may or may not be sufficient to hold he size of sign you are talking about and not knowing what size foundation is in the ground would be an issue as well. The determination on the steel to be sufficient is very easy as you would just need to know the wall thickness of the steel and an structural engineer could give you a answer on this. Then again the question of the foundation is another issue. Much tougher to determine unless a building permit is on file showing the size and make up of the foundation. It is most likely a reason the poles are not being used.

Thank you for the advise, this should help. Where can I get signs printed? And who do you get to hang them? I’m in California Central Valley.

Call Circle Graphics in CO for any size vinyl. (You know the panels need to be in place first, right?)