Vinyl Printing?

Where is the best place to buy vinyls? I noticed on’s website, but does anyone recommend anyone else that is cheap and prints good, quality vinyls?

Have you tried Formetco?

Lindmark also does a good job. Really, most all of the advertisers on this website offer a good value – I’ve never heard a complaint on any of them. Some also offer artwork services at a reasonable price.

Ok, thanks for the help. Frank, I tried to look up Lindmark, but couldn’t find a website for them. Also, I was wondering if 150 dpi is very good quality if printing a 14x48 vinyl? offers that at .49¢ per square foot, which is a great deal, but I just don’t know how good the quality is.

ck13 I would love to help you with your printing.

Our vinyl flex pricing is as follows:


6x12 $62.50

8x16 $99.84

12x24 $210.24

10x30 $219

12x40 $350.40

14x48 $470.40


Let me know if I can be of assistance. I’m confident you will appreciate our quality and pricing.

I have had great experience printing Vinyl with Hugo Printing. They are based out of Melbourne but deliver all over Australia. If you require customize vinyl then it should be your first option. Highly remommend them for good quality Vinyl Stickers.