Wallscape and adjoining property


I found a building whos side wall gets great views in a busy area. I’d like to errect a wallscape.

I am not sure how to go about negotiating a lease with the owner of the building, since there is an adjoining (but shorter) building next to it (different owner). I am not sure how changing of the sign would work.

You can install a vinyl wallscape from either ladders on the shorter building, or dropping down from the roof of the taller building. Get estimates on each from an installer, and that will dictate whether or not you want to approach the shorter building about creating an access lease.

As for the wallscape itself, make sure that the wall you are looking at meets city code, and get comps on rents from similar wallscapes to determine the amount to offer.

thanks frank.

is it legal and standard procedure to scaffold over and into the airspace of another property without prior permission?

or must I assume that ill need a separate lease with the adjoining property owner?