Want to Buy Used Billboard Monopole Structures

Hey Frank I just posted the following ad on the website:

I’ve only ever bought new structures, got any advice on buying used monopole structures?

Have some structures you want to get rid of? We’re LOOKING TO BUY used billboard:

Monopole Structures
- Double stacks
- V-Structures
- back-to-back
- 8-sheet, 30-sheet, bulletins
- Etc.

Lights Rods & Rachets

Will buy any size of Billboard (standard sizes preferred) Structure you can deliver or we’ll come pick them up. Have some structures that you need taken down? We can work out some kind of deal. Email is the best and most convenient way to reach us with details and pictures.

JG Powell

It’s a great idea – I’ve done the same thing many times myself.

The only thing to get going on is finding an “easy-to-use” engineer, because you’ll have to have signed and sealed drawings for each sign before you can put it back into service (and get a permit). It’s hard to find such a guy, so start looking now. I don’t personally know of one anymore. Call some structural engineers in your area and see if one of them would like to make some money on the side. Compared to what they normally have to engineer, it’s a cake walk.

Thanks Frank! That’s some great advice, I will start looking.

Dear Sir,

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