What Are the Determining Factors of Poster LED Display?

Several factors will influence LED poster price. For instance, size, configuration, cabinets, wires, logistics, etc.

1) Size
This refers to the size of the screen, which component takes both roles of inputting( screens with touch functions can be seen as inputting device collecting information from outside environment) and outputting.

Therefore, the size of a screen is an important factor that decides the final pricing of a poster LED screen. Moreover, poster LED can be customized, and the price will also be vary based on the size such as 60 inches and 120 inches.

Generally speaking, the bigger the screen, the higher the price.

2) Configuration
Two components will influence the LED poster price a lot – the board card and the driver card.

Generally speaking, there are two types of board cards – standalone version board cards and online edition board cards. The online edition board card is more expansive than the standalone one. And the function of the driver card is like the mainboard of a computer, driving the software of the poster LED display screen.

Other indispensable parts are the decode board and power panel. The decoding board controls the digital output signal, and the power panel is the main part of the power supply system.

From what we mentioned above, the inner boards are necessary factors to take into account when we consider the cost.

3) Customized Cabinet
The ability to be customized is one of the main advantages of LED poster over LCD poster.

For most of the indoor poster LED/outdoor LED poster manufacturers, providing customized cabinets according to customers’ needs is an important business section.

Basically, the cost of customization is produced from the unique design and mold opening.

4) Power Supply and Cables
Different power supplies have different prices, and the choice and layout of inner components and control cards determine the routing of cables. All these will have an impact on the pricing.

5) Logistics and Package
The cost of transportation depends on the total shipment, destination and types of transportation.

There are exiting some uncertainty inevitably, so it is better to allow manufacturers to arrange the delivery as they usually have long-term business relationship with logistic companies. Therefore, the risks of unnecessary damages to products can be minimized.

Besides, the package. It is mainly decided by the means of transportation. For example, if you choose to ship your products, the package should be waterproof, and the cost of this part will increase accordingly.

Last but not least, the price of poster LED display is closely related to the production cost of LED screen manufacturers from every aspect including size, materials, transportation, and configuration.

Therefore, when customizing the poster LED, just ensure the configurations and designed functions are practical to save unnecessary costs.