What is a way you guys (Billboard owners) find clientele?

Hey, I just started a mobile billboard company in philadelphia and I have been having great trouble finding people to advertise on it. I have tried to contact media agencies but they are no help. If someone can point me in the right direction, it would mean a lot.
Thank you

What are you trying now… a phone number and “AVAILABLE” sign?? It is a competitive market, but Frank R. has some great ideas in his seminar.


Instead of trying to contact some media agency you can start investing on your very own ad campaign in the city to draw customers.Another way you can gain clients is by using social media since digital marketing is a boom now. We are sure that you are atleast having an attractive with look and feel type website for your company at present. You can do one thing, you can hire some digital marketing experts to do the job for you. Given the budget restrictions you can hire some freelance SEO expert who will promote your business online.
Hope it helps you in your future endeveour.
Welcome to the league.

Right now, I am just reaching out to media agency and am starting to reach local companies that may be interested. Because of the overhead cost of driving a truck, gas, insurance, etc, the truck is parked and there are no billboards on it.

Hi, nbakkur you are just at the right place and at the right time, please kindly send me your full details such as location and billboard size plus your billing method via mail to cutemelinda910@gmail.com so i can relay the information to some of my clients for comparison. Kind regards, melinda cares.

Hi nbakkur kindly send me the location of the truck and your billing method via mail to cutemelinda910@gmail.com. I’ll be anticipating your reply for my clients are waiting.

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For me to find clients, I created social media account like Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram account to promote my service and then cross promote so that they’ll know that my services is available for viewing across the platforms that are currently used in the present, one good promotion also is to use you own space to place your contact number to inform the audience or the one who will be seeing it that the location for ads is available.

How has business been for the past two years? Care to share what were the strategies you have done to get a client advertise on your led wall? Thank you so much for the advice if ever.

There is a service called Billboard Alerts that automatically finds potential advertisers information for you that are in the range of your boards.

Also… presenting artwork/ad ideas to potential advertisers is a great selling tool. If you don’t have a designer you can use an automated design tool like Tasty Ad. We also do custom OOH ad design and your first design is free!