What is the waterproof level of an outdoor display?

With the development of society, the use of LED displays is more and more common. But the waterproof function of the LED display screen is also our concern. Especially for outdoor LED displays.

Do you know the waterproof level of the outdoor led display screen? The technical engineer of Bo bangcheng LED display factory will simply comb the relevant knowledge of an outdoor LED display screen waterproof for you.

The protection level of LED displays

is generally represented by IPXY. For example, all of our outdoor led displays with IP65 level waterproof.

The X means the dust-proof and dustproof level of the LED display screen.

The Y means the airtight degree of the LED display screen against moisture and water invasion, and the larger the number is, the higher the protection level is.

X stands for the meaning of digital code:

0: no protection
1: Protection against solid foreign bodies of 50 mm diameter and larger.
2: Protect solid foreign bodies with a diameter of 12.5mm and larger.
3: Protect solid foreign bodies with a diameter of 2.5mm and larger.
4: Protection against solid foreign bodies of 1.0 mm diameter and larger.
5: Prevent harmful dust accumulation. (it is impossible to completely prevent dust from entering, but the amount of dust entering will not cause damage to the equipment)
6: Completely prevent dust from entering.

Y stands for the meaning of digital code:

0: No protection
1: Waterdrop protection (water drops falling vertically should not cause damage)
2: When the cabinet is tilted to 15 degrees, the water drop shall be protected, and the water drop falling vertically shall not cause damage
3: Protection against spilled water. (no effect of water or rain from 60 degree corner to cabinet)
4: Protective water spray. (liquid splashed to the shell from any direction without injury)
5: Protective water jetting. (aiming at the cabinet from each direction without any damage)
6: Protect against strong water jets. (aim at the cabinet from each direction, strong water jetting does not cause any damage)
7: It can withstand immersion in a short time. ( in 1m depth)
8: Immerse in water for a long time under certain pressure.

In general, we know that indoor

and outdoor LED display

cabinet waterproof level is different. The waterproof level of outdoor is generally higher than that of indoor. Because outdoor LED displays need more waterproof in rainy days than indoor LED displays.

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