Where to find billboard vinyl installers?

For those that are physically unable to install/replace the billboard vinyl once an advertiser’s contract ends, are there specialized contractors available? If not, are roofers or construction employees typically interested in this type of business for a little extra pocket change?

Does everyone on here install their own vinyl or do they outsource?

I think most people outsource this, as it is a fairly difficult task and, in most cases, pretty dangerous. To find an installer, I would contact the other local billboard companies and find out who they use – most people do not have enough work to take that function in-house, and they all “share” the same installer by necessity.

Thanks Frank.

I’ve run into an issue with this.

Don’t let others know that you are new to the business. They will take full advantage of you, well… they did to me anyways. I had one installer try to overcharge me $400.00 for my vinyl. Same thing with printing the vinyl, I was overcharged $175.00. This is big money when you are beginning.

Make sure to call around before committing, and finally make sure you have a contract signed. No contract, no deal.

Lucas J. Teter
Infinity Outdoor

Is the cost of vinyl installation absorbed by the billboard owner or does the billboard owner charge the advertiser a fee for installation? What about the cost of the printed vinyl? Do most billboard owners absorb this cost or do they pass it on to the advertiser?

The norm is probably for the advertiser to provide the vinyl, and the billboard company to install it. But there is no law on how this works. Many smaller advertisers may find the cost of printing the vinyl all at one time not in their budget, and will react better to paying a monthly amount to offset this cost. At the same time, the billboard company may not want the full exposure of printing and hanging the vinyl on an advertiser that has yet to prove that they can pay their bills.

If any one has questions about installation or maintenance of billboards, feel free to reply to this, I have been doing all for over 30 years now.

Just found this site while searching around. Billboard wizard maybe you and the others here can shed some light in this issue. We have several boards that are low to the ground and the wooden type with round pilings and plywood faces. They are very well constructed and seemingly straight. Every time we have new faces installed on them they always have a lot of wrinkles or sags in them. When we ask the installers about this they say that it’s because they aren’t the metal type structure. I am having a hard time believing that this is all there is to it because there are other boards further down the road from ours that are the same type of structure and their faces are always smooth and taut. We’ve decided because they are low to the ground (4’ from the ground to the bottom), and small in size (10’x20’), and we are already in a construction based business that we should be able to try and straighten these out ourselves. Is there any particular method or procedure that we can stick to that will help us out?

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