Which is the best way to Deal with Media Agencies?

I have notice most advertisers do their marketing strategy through ad agencies, so they concentrate most of the media buying and advertisers have less decision where their ads on billboards will be placed.

Also have come to reason that some excellent locations from independent billboard owners with a better price than billboards companies are vacant most of the year, and the question comes to mind, why is the billboard vacant and the media agency hasn’t approached them.

Which is the best approach with dealing with a media agency, what do they want?

Do they want a better deal so they can transfer it to the client , or do they want a greater commission, are they just interest dealing with big companies with established relationship.

What has been you experienced dealing with media agencies and how did it came through?

I will appreciate you shared your comments.

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Great article. I think you can directly visit media advertising agency and get proper dealing…