Who manufactures Billboards in Alberta, Canada?

I’ve read Frank’s book “Big Bucks from Big Signs” and found it to be very helpful. I’m wanting to start a small Billboard Company and see how I can grow it. I was sold on the Idea of buying a digital billboard, however reading your website and your book has made me change my mind a bit. I still think in the right spots Digital can be very effective and lucrative, however I think starting out with a few static will be a good way to get my feet wet and earn some capital to grow. So I’m still in the planning stages. What I am needing help with is finding a fabricator, manufacturer. I live in Grande Prairie, AB, Canada. I have tried google with not much luck. I would like to build 10x20 Billboards on a monopole structure, with lights. It is a very common size in Canada, I just can’t seems to find companies that build billboards or sell them as kits.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I’d like to start moving forward with my plan. If anyone knows of any Billboard Manufacturers in Alberta or even Western Canada, please let me know. Thanks.

Canadian Mike,
You really need to go to www.watchfiresigns.com. They have a lot of resources for information on digital.

Have you found an Alberta manufacturer?

hi, Mike, this is leanne, we are billboard manufacture, but we are in china, i am not sure whether you are thinking about import the billboard, you can view our website: www.mhgled.com , besides led billboard we also produce led studio lights, such as led ellipsoidal light, led Fresnel light,and etc, once you are interested in it, pls leave a message on our website, you’ll get reply soon. thanks, and wish you success you business.