Who pays for the lighting?

When you have a billboard on somebody’s property who is responsible for paying the cost of the lighting on the billboard? I assume that you as the owner of the billboard would… do you just work that money into what you’re paying the land owner in ground rent?

Typically the billboard owner pays the electricity bill for lighting the sign. In certain instances, the price of the advertising is based on how many hours the sign is lighted (either “dusk to midnight” or “dusk to dawn”) with “dusk to dawn” costing more. You pay the electricity bill direct – there’s nothing to do with the landowner. The only exception are those rare instances in which you pull the electricity from their building and pay them for it.

Okay you would receive the electricity bill in your name and to your billing address, except in those rare instances where the electricity is from their building?

Also on average how much is it monthly to pay for electricity running to your billboard?