Why LED Digital Outdoor Video Billboard popular?

LED is more and more popular in the Ads market, especially in the outdoor ads market. Regarding to the reason, let’s try to analyse it.

Here are my points for referring,

1, LED display changes outdoor ads completely. It brings video to the outdoor advertisement, and make it more vivid and attractive than the traditional still images. LED display as carrier, the new outdoor ads integrate the iamges, texts, video, audio, flash, etc. together. The style is more rich, and the content is more attractive.
2, LED display contains much more ads than the traditional billboard. I think we dont need to discuss it. Everyone knows there is a computer for the LED display!
3, LED display shows richer color and stronger visual impact.

Are there other more advantages?

My friends, please leave your opinion below. Let’s collect it. Many thanks.

According to me it aslo helps in giving your business a more professional look. To the point advertising gives edge to this advertising tool.

it absolutely has some advantages comparing with the printing poster.

The most key is the shock vision advertising effection from the full color lareg LED Digital Outdoor Video Billboard and we can update our advertising at any time.so the key I think is GOOD EFFECTION and CONVENIENT.
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Hello Community,

Digital billboards are the latest advancement in outdoor advertising. Using LED technology, digital billboards display large format imagery that can be changed, quite literally, at the touch of a button. Short-term advertisements, multiple rotating advertisements on the same billboard, and even animations are all possible with OAI’s digital billboards. LED billboards have some impressive advantages. They are almost impossible to ignore. They are extremely bright, they have color and movement and special effects. They can be changed quickly and easily if important facts change, such as the date of an advertised event. They can be customized so they are relevant to the time of day when they’re shown rush hour, for example. They are also the favorite in the most heavily traveled tourist destinations in the country. If yours is the only LED billboard in the area, your advertisement will likely get all, or most, of the attention.

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