Wood billboard erectors


I’m having a lot of trouble finding anyone to erect a wooden/telephone pole style billboard in New Jersey. I have made several inquires and basically people laugh and go into large fees for engineers, permits, etc.

Does anyone have any experience with wooden billboards in New Jersey? Before I go investing in an LLC, Licenses, Permits, Permit Application fees and lots of time. I would like to form a solid business plan and make sure I can actually do this.

Thank you.


There are certainly premise sign contractors in your market that build 8’ x 12’ woden telephone-pole signs that say “This Property for Sale” or “Walgreens Coming Soon” – the type of signs you see denoting a new development or large tracts of land for sale. There are who you need to find. Look in the yellow pages (or on-line) under “signs” and call those listings until you find contractors who build this type of sign structure. That’s the contractor that you need.