Wooden Billboard Location

When looking for locations for Wooden Billboards where is the best place to look. I live in Newnan, Ga and I have only ever seen 1 wooden billboard and it is on a two lane highway. I know that ground leases are harder to come by on interstates but does anyone put the wooden billboards on interstates or do you leave those for monopoles? Also how do you value a wooden billboard if I were to sell one?

You can put wooden billboards anywhere that is allowed by law. I’ve owned them on giant interstates and 2 lane country highways. What really limits where you can put them is the landowner – they are not very attractive when viewed from the back or next to your building. Many locations will only financially allow for a wooden billboard and not a steel monopole.

The value of a sign is based on math and perception. If you calculate what the sign will rent for and the expenses, and then apply a cap rate to that net income, that will give you the value of a built location. Subtract the cost to build it, and you have the value of the lease and permit The perception part is what the expectation is of increasing rents, which might impact the value higher.