Young Professional Trying to Get Started in Outdoor Advertising

Hey Guys,

I am a 25 year old sales and real estate professional from Atlanta, Ga trying to get my foot in the door of the world of Outdoor Advertising. I previously worked for a shopping center developer who earned extra income buy leasing ground space to billboard owners in the parkinglots. Here is where I gained my fasination with billboards and outdoor advertising. I want to start my own advertising company ( flipping leases and permits, owning and operating billboards, third party leasing, ect.), but I don’t know the in’s and out’s of the business. I’ve recently tried to apply for open sales positions with billboard companies in my area, but no one will give me a chance due to a lack of advertising sales experience. I am already a college grad so I don’t qualify for open intern positions. I even checked out the trade organizations that support outdoor advertising ( Oaaa, AAF, ect.), but I can’t join unless I am associated with the industry in some way. So my questions for you guys are,

A. Should I continue to search for entry level positions with outdoor advertising companies until someone gives me a chance?

B. Should I jump into the business as an enterprunuer with my own company and learn as I go? ( Having my own company is my ultimate goal.)

I am young and driven with a passion to make my mark into the world of outdoor advertising. Any additional suggestions? Thank you!

If I were you, I would do the following:

  1. Find a stable day job that covers your bills.

  2. Devote your nights and weekends to finding billboard locations and/or other outdoor media opportunities [your “night job”]

  3. Buy my new updated book and CDs that goes on sale in about two weeks, and read and listen to them 10 tiimes until you have 100% understanding of the strategies and tactics.

  4. Come to my Boot Camp next week, if it meets your schedule. It will speed you up on your learning curve by 1000%.

  5. Keep working both your day and night job until your night job fills up your day hours and covers your bills.

This is how most successful people in the outdoor business begin. You will actually hurt yourself by working for another billboard company as a day job – the conflict of interest will preclude your “night job”, and potentially get you in a lot of trouble.

Frank -

Thank you for your advice, it makes total sense. I won’t be able to make your Boot Camp this month but I will atleast get my start by purchasing your books and cd’s. I am on my way to getting started as owner in this business. Thank you again!

Be sure and buy the new edition that is coming out. It includes a ton of photos which are extremely informative. Call Perry at (800) 950-1364 to reserve a copy. It’s the best thing we’ve produced so far.